The People's Clinic for Traditional Oriental Medicine

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By participating in our products or services, you indicate that you are participating in therapies, products or services being provided to you of your own free will. You acknowledge that you are proactively in charge of your own health care and the treatment being provided to you by Dr. Jata Rahim, a Licensed Acupuncture Physician in the State of Florida and associates, in no way implies relinquishment of your own autonomy in your health care decisions. We are part of your wellness team that provides you information upon which you and other members of your wellness team make informed decisions about your health and wellness protocol. You are solely responsible for all decisions you make regarding your health care.  You enter into your treatment plan of your own free will and take sole responsibility for any outcomes that derive from your treatment plan. You acknowledge that you have been encouraged to ask any questions that you need in order to feel completely comfortable and at ease with the therapies that you choose. 

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The People's Clinic for Traditional Oriental Medicine

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