The People's Clinic for Traditional Oriental Medicine

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About Us

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About the Practitioners

The People's Clinic for Traditional Oriental Medicine was born through the marriage of two great ideas.

Dr. Jata Rahim has always had the vision of providing affordable, accessible wellness care to communities around the globe. A practitioner of many modalities, Dr. Jata achieved his Doctor of Oriental Medicine Degree in new York in the year 1984.

Well known for his articulation of ideas into concepts that are easy to grasp and internalize for one's personal growth, Dr. Jata presents to all ages, races, economic backgrounds, religions and ethnicities. His presentation to children is engaging and inspiring.

For years, Dr. Jata Rahim has operated several wellness centers or wellness-oriented businesses. After establishing acupuncture clinics in the Caribbean, Africa and the U.S., Dr. Jata's latest effort -- just prior to the current one -- , Blessed Love Healthcare -- was alive and well when he met Yaa ELOHIM, community/urban agricultural activisit, alkaline nutritionist and herbalista.  Yaa shared her vision and work within Community Health and Wellness, an organization Yaa founded over 15 years ago.

A decade-and-a-half ago, Yaa ELOHIM was inspired through her previous work and other community-oriented empowerment, activist and advocacy organizations to found a community-based hands-on, self-help and healing organization that provided access, primarily to information about wellness lifestyles and access to the practitioners who had the expertise to provide these healing technologies to the comunity-at-large. Thinking globally, but acting locally, Yaa focused on the marginalized communities of Washington, DC, of which she is a native and Atlanta, GA, where she transplanted herself to in 1988.  "Mama Yaa" is she is known was instrumental in developing empowerment models for these communities that are still being currently utilized.

Yaa is a nutritionist by formal education and is currently working to bring nutrition education to county government organizations, thus enhancing productivity and reducing absences due to illnesses, which increases and enhances well being for the individual and the organization.

About the Birth of the Clinic

A Precipitous Meeting

The Birth of the People's Clinic for Traditional Oriental Medicine is truly the accomplishment and blessing of the Almighty. Dr. Jata Rahim and Yaa ELOHIM met at a business meeting where Yaa was attempting to establish an "Healing Oasis in the Hood" in a gentrifying area of Fort Lauderdale, Florida to be able to provide access to healing modalities and practitioners by providing on-site services in the wellness arena.

Although Yaa was unable to actualize that particular vision at that time, as always, the Almighty had a bigger and better plan! During the meetings, that included several individuals, Dr. Jata and  Yaa ELOHIM became aware of the synchronicity of the skills and needs that were being expressed amongst the group. Dr. Jata informed Yaa ELOHIM that he had a small downtown Fort Lauderdale Wellness Practice that could, perhaps allow the actualization of the vision in a different way.

This was a stellar moment! Yaa was invited to attend as a client. When Yaa ELOHIM experienced the healing modalities offered by Dr. Jata and as she learned more of his expertise and the individuals he had supported back to health, she knew she had encountered an unsung hero -- a humble brother quietly performing the tasks allotted to him by the Almighty.

When speaking further about the alignment of purpose and focus, and discussing several permutations of the name of the venture, The People's Clinic for Traditional Oriental Medicine was born!

The majority of the first several years is about establishing infrastructure and laying the foundations for future endeavors.  Join us as we grow. Look for increasing visibility, products, events and services.

We might have to stretch a little bit, but it brings a life of Radiant Longevity. Our birthright!

Why Join The People's Clinic?

The Mission of the People's Clinic for Traditional Oriental Medicine is to provide affordable and accessible wellness care to anyone who truly desires to embrace a wellness lifestyle.

We love you -- we are all connected and prosper together.